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The Monarch Project began as a unique brand between two superstar skaters, Leticia Bufoni and Sky Brown, when they wanted to take control of their careers and be the driving force behind all the decisions in that process. “It feels good to finally have control,” states Bufoni, “and to be able to decide how my image is portrayed through a board brand is really important to me.”

While there’s a clear age difference between Bufoni and Brown, the mutual respect for their talent and dedication is unmatched. Brown says, “It’s a dream to start a brand with Leticia Bufoni. I have always looked up to her. She is the first big name female pro I saw skate. She is my idol and friend at the same time. It’s surreal and amazing all at once.” 

Helping to balance out the high profile status of Bufoni and Brown, the amateur team is stacked with raw, younger skaters from all over the globe. They are honored and hyped to support the girls, and really feel they can help shape the new brand by being involved and putting in the work, while still carving out their own individual paths to being pro.

Empowerment and inspiration is another huge factor with the brand. With two of the biggest names in the world in skateboarding, it’s no doubt countless kids around the world have their eager eyes fixated on their every move—on and off the board. It’s safe to assume this will only lead to countless fans picking up their first skateboard and telling themselves, “I can do that too!” 

The Monarch Project is a brand focused on respect, inclusion, and great skateboarding that will resonate and energize every type of skater from around the world. 

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